Sgt. Butterbean Ryan

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     Our "Boot Camp" for most of the dogs and puppies that attend, is more like "Summer Camp". It is "Boot Camp" for the ones with Behavioral problems. Everything from jumping to biting and attacking their owners or others.
     As a Certified Behaviorist, and Behavior Modification expert, we have helped owners  successfully turn their dogs into "Canine Good Citizens".
     I am also a "True" DOG WHISPERER, which means that I do not use harsh methods, intimidation or shock, to alter aggressive behavior, or to train a Dog.
     What we do at our Kennel, is to give dogs a structured environment, and a healthy routine of training, exercise, play & socialization. We also set boundaries for the dogs, so that when they go home, the owners can continue with the structured routine we have already got the dogs use to. Many times we have to adjust the routine, so that it fits the owners lifestyle, developing the "best dog they ever had". 

Marley has excellent prey drive -Jan.2012
Marly after ear crop
Harley & Desire'
All dogs are sold with gun permits